The Patriotic Entrepreneurs of Liberia


Warehouse Club

The PATEL Warehouse Club is a PATEL initiative designed to empower Liberian businesses. The Program give manufactures, Importers Large distributors both Locally and international to do business in the Liberian market with ease. the club take delivery of your product and or services and distribute same in our network of members. Depending on the product, or quantity and goods origin PATEL Warehouse Club steps in with the necessary funding, bank guarantee to cover shipping cost to Liberia.

From household supplies to luxury cars, there is a PATEL members to sell. manufactures, Importers Large distributors both Locally and internationally are highly encourage to signup to our Business Hub Program, sales are guarantee!

PATEL members wishing to join the Warehouse Club are encourage to join by completing the form below or contact the central office. All members of the Warehouse Club are vetted so please ensure to include your PATEL ID.

Some benefits of PATEL Warehouse Club includes:

  • End-to-end business support
  • We ship any quantity of products from any where in the world
  • We get product on the Liberian market
  • Product payment are collected and remitted by PATEL
  • We ensure sales of goods
  • Members get good without cash deposit

PATEL Warehouse Club