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PATEL Savings & eSuSu Club

PATEL Savings and eSUSU Club

Statistic shows that those who save 20% or more of their earnings from day1 of business or from first salary live far above the poverty line and have never lack. Saving part of your profit today helps keep you in business or puts in a better position. Some people don’t think it’s important to save money. They think, once you have enough now, they will always have it. They just don’t see the need for putting aside small-thing each day, week or month.

There are so many reasons to begin saving money today. Different people save for different reasons. Saving becomes easier if you have a clear goal or purpose for the money you are saving. Most of us in PATEL save for some of the below reasons:

Clearing Container – Statistics shows that clearing goods, container is a serious challenge for nearly or all Liberian own businesses. Most Liberian business people spend all their funds buying goods and often run out of cash for clearing goods or container, so they often end-up borrowing money for 18-30% for that purpose thereby losing some or most of their profit before the goods even sell.

Emergency – Google define emergency as a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action. In Liberia, everything including paying child or children school fees, medical bills, food etc are emergency.
Join PATEL Savings & eSUSU Club today and NEVER get stranded again in Life. In PATEL savings and eSUSU club we save together to empower each other.

How it Works
eSUSU is a MtN Mobile Money daily or weekly payment and rotational saving scheme where PATEL members securely save money to empower each others. All members make daily payments using their PATEL membership ID via MTN Mobile money from any location across Liberia and a member eats (take home) on plan collection date in rotation until the last member eat. SUSU ends when last member eat;

Club Savings is a monthly saving of PATEL member’s savings categorized in savings-hand. Minimum saving hand is one hand per member; Minimum value per savings-hand is 2,000LD. Members can have up to 10 savings-hands. Anyone, both members and non-members can credit up to 100% of total savings-hand value or 5,0000000LD at any time of the month or year with very low interest.

Easily save with friends, family & colleagues for sustaining your business or for paying for a car or dream house etc.

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