The Patriotic Entrepreneurs of Liberia


PATEL Farmers Connect (PFC)

Good news for PATEL members into AGRI business. We have setup a hot Line both SMS/Voice call shot code that connect PATEL farmers to markets and consumers across the country. PFC PATEL member you get direct sponsorship for your farm empowering you to grow as much as possible and PATEL help you sell.

About PFC
PATEL Farmers Connect is an innetaive of PATEL designed to help all PATEL members who are farmers.

How it Works
PATEL distrist coordinators in every PATEL county officies work with members who are farmers;Duties of Agricultural distriest coordinators includes the following;
1. Assess Member form/land to determine farming needs and yield per harvest.
2. Send detail information to PATEL national Headquarters in Monrovia.
Information officer shares information among PATEL members and other interested persons and businesses for sponsorship for per member farm needs. Interested persons and or business( restaurant, guesthouse, food store) come-up with needed capital ( farming tool, farm workers food,fertilizer etc) with both farm sponsor and farm owner agreeing on the terms.

At harvest, PATEL(the guarantor) facilitate the harvest ensuring farm sponsor gets every investment and profit as per the terms and conditions between members and others.

After farm sponsor investments deduction; 70% of declare profit from farm yield goes to farm owner, 20% of declare profit to farm sponsor and 10% of declare profit goes to PATEL.

Members growing high demand produce can be eligible for sponsorship or benefit from lease of equipment and or tools. Interested members must apply to the program by contacting PATEL county office. Contact Us