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Presley Tenwah is a liar; president didn’t give PATEL money for business people

Monrovia, Liberia. It has come to the attention of the legitimate Patriotic Entrepreneurs of Liberia (PATE) that criminal action of impersonation and gross disrespect to the organization bylaws and continuous rebellion by Presley Tenwah.

We want to again remind the general public that Presley Tenwah is not the legitimate chairman of the Patriotic Entrepreneurs of Liberia (PATEL). Presley Tenwah was remove last year august 2017 for malfeasance including the art of distrust where he Presley S. Tenwah criminally change the article of incorporation of PATEL making himself chairman for life.

The matter was partly adjudicated by the civil law court and we filed an appeal which took the matter from the civil law court to the Supreme Court. PATEL was legally formed by seven persons called incorporators namely, Alexander Wento, Prince Howard, Patience Dean, Kebbeh Collins, George Kumakeh, Jerry Phred and Presley Tenwah. Sex (6) of the seven (7) incorporators approved his remover as acting chairman of PATEL because of corruption, rudeness etc. As a matter of fact, all seven of the incorporators agreed that no incorporator (not event Presley Tenwah) can be chairman of PATEL. It was agreed that only the incorporators has the authority or be the highest decision making body in the union in the absent of the bylaw and constitution.

Until the case is adjudicated at the level of the Supreme Court Tenwah remains an incorporator but not the chairman of PATEL. 6 of the 7 incorporators excluding Presley Tenwah appointed the current national chairman Dominic Nimely and the cord of officers to steer the affairs of PATEL until elections.

Presley Tenwah upon hearing the civil law court granting the appeal of the majority of the incorporators, He Tenwah vow that if he’s not chairman of PATEL no one will be chairman. Tenwah continuous rebellion against his fellow (6) incorporators specks volumes that his intend to destroy PATEL is the mission he’s on.

We want to make it clear that at no time the president of Liberia give PATEL money to dish out to business people. If that happen Presley will not be the want to bring such message to the petty traders of Liberia. Please note that is one of Presley Tenwah strategy to win some petty traders. The sooner they can realize he’s lying to them the better it will be for them.

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We called on the government of Liberia, the business community, our foreign partners and the general public not to do any business with Presley Tenwah in the name of PATEL. Who ever do so is doing it at his or her own risk.

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