The Patriotic Entrepreneurs of Liberia


PATEL embattled chairman Tenwah strikes

Monrovia, Liberia for immediate release. After series of attempts and harassment by embattled chairman, Presley Tenwah finally strike with physical assault and death threats to every other incorporator and PATEL leadership who removed him as chairman of PATEL adding ” I will kill your one-by-one”.

On Friday May 4, 2018 PATEL current chairman Mr. Dominic Nimely receive a call from officers of the Liberia National Police ordering him to bring PATEL van (PATEL official vehicle) to the head quarters of the Liberia National Police on capital bypass on claims of embattled Tenwah;

Being law abiding, Mr. Nimely called PATEL other union leaders including Caesar Morris PATEL CIO, Kafumba Dolley PATEL vice chairman for operations, Patience Dean national treasurer and Mrs. Kebbeh Collins an incorporator of PATEL to accompany him. Upon arrival the police statement said former chairman Tenwah claimed that  he printed 10,000 PATEL stickers and said stickers were stolen from him and to his surprise while driving he noticed same on the vehicle of PATEL which he alerted police to arrest and impound.

After clarifying to police that since Presley Tenwah was removed on a vote of no-confidence by 6 of the 7 incorporators and general membership of the union, he vowed that he will destroy PATEL and since August 2017 he filed multiple baseless lawsuits, he orchestrated a negative propaganda both in the print and social media to destroy the reputation of key union leaders, he constantly used his friends and family in police, ministry of justice to harassed the leadership of PATEL. After the clarity police noted that once the matter was at the Supreme Court it was beyond their jurisdiction; they apologize and told Mr. Nimely to leave with PATEL vehicle.

Presley Tenwah in Police custody at charge of quarter at the LNP HQ

Upon leaving the police station embattled chairman Tenwah and Mrs. Kebbeh Collins whose also an incorporator got into heated exchanges in the parking lot at the Liberia National police headquarters on capitol hill at around 5: 25 pm where Tenwah pullout a knife about 45Centimeters long to stab Mrs. Collins when Caesar Morris swiftly intercepted preventing him. Police rush to the parking lot and arrested Tenwah and charge him with terroristic threat but was release later by his friends and family in the police.

The leadership of PATEL through this release wants to point out the law must be respected and that no man is above the law and not even Presley Tenwah. Upon Tenwah release he mentioned clearly “that Patrick (LNP IG) is his society brother and no one can do anything to him”. Liberia is a nation of laws and not of men and officials of GoL must respect the law and stop promoting a culture of impunity. We are not taking Presley Tenwah death threat lightly and wants authorities be aware that Tenwah has openly threaten to kill his fellow incorporators and current union leaders.

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