The Patriotic Entrepreneurs of Liberia


I am not a criminal and will never be one…I-Café Boss

Friendly it’s a sad experience and I’m so disappointed that detractors, pay agents are able to perpetuate evil against law abiding, peaceful citizens in a nation like Liberia. Simply put, I’m being harassed and destroy by Presley Tenwah and his pay agents. The truth will come out in court and I will be vindicated of all charges of their evil conspiracy against me.

I was charged for Forgery, criminal coercion and harassment. Please note, there is a big difference from being charge for a crime and being guilty or sentenced for a crime. Those charges are base on false claims made up by Presley Tenwah to destroy my reputation.

Presley Tenwah, former acting chairman was remove by a board resolution signed by majority of the 7 incorporators, executives and members of the Patriotic Entrepreneurs of Liberia (PATEL). Being a member and also head of communications of PATEL; I was instructed on August 11th by the body to served Presley Tenwah dismissal letter and published said information on the official website of PATEL thereby informing the general public about happenings within the organization.

Presley Tenwah was removed for a number of reasons including bridged of trust; where he Presley  being tasked with the responsibility to processed the legal documents of PATEL, after receiving the signed signature page of the article of incorporation criminally modify the original content adding a clause making himself chairman of the organization for life.

Presley being terrify about his remover information that I published immediately confronted the incorporators who signed his dismissal letter namely: Prince Howard, Alexander Wento, Kebbeh Collins, Patience Dean and George Kumakeh.  The incorporators confirmed to Presley Tenwah that he remain an incorporator/member but was no longer acting chairman and that he is free to contest the decision of the body. Presley Tenwah went to court the following day and Judge J. Boima Kontoe of the civil law court issue a writ of summons dated 08/21/17 to four of the incorporators.

This confirmed that my action to published the information about Presley Tenwah remover on the official website of the Patriotic Entrepreneurs of Liberia (PATEL)  wasn’t in any way a forgery, criminal coercion or harassment as he claimed. In short I was only doing my job as chief communication officer (CIO) of PATEL. My action to obey the governing body of our union (PATEL) is a decision I stand by and can never be consider criminal because Presley thinks it is. Please note, I was never jailed as claimed by the fake news Presley and his pay agents created in the print media (local dailies) on September 4th and 5th.

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