The Patriotic Entrepreneurs of Liberia


Private Sector Development Initiatives – Press Release

Good Afternoon Madam President and all Officials of the three branches Government, the Clergy, the Press and fellow neglected and deprived Liberian small business owners.

We would like to start by commending The Hon. Min of Finance Boima Kamara and the Internal Auditing Agency for exposing the entrenched corruption at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP), especially the Private Sector Development Initiatives (PSDI) at MFDP which was meant to help struggling Liberian businesses to improve and not for crooks to quickly register new or fake businesses just to benefit from the loan and deprive real business people who needed it. The loan scheme itself was apparently created in secrecy behind closed doors in 2014. They were hiding it from us, the real business people, only for their friends and families to benefit. All this happened during the administration of former Minister Amara Konneh. Seemingly, he and his friend James Kollie, the then Deputy Minister shared the money mainly with Ministry of Finance officials, other government officials, their friends and families with bogus or fake businesses and certainly with no intention of paying back. In this regard, we strongly demand that former Minister Amara Konneh also be held accountable for his weak oversight.